Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Artist Scams

While you'd think that scamming an artist would not bring in any money - they do!  Got a fax the other day from Princeton's Who's Who of Executive, Professionals and Entrepreneurs informing me that "you and your business have been selcted to be published for free in the 2009/2010 Edition" of the aformentioned.

All I can say is hurray for google!  It turned up this little post about this Who's Who.  Here's the url if the link doesn't work for you, just copy and paste into your browser:

And then I found this comment

By the time I found this comment

I realized that I had my three sources and they all said the same's a scam!  It's amazing how vanity can be used to scam folks, especially artists who are not given much respect in this country.  So ifyou get a fax or an email, just ignore it.
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