Saturday, August 22, 2009

Where's Waldo?

Remember that? The book was released in 1987 by illustrator Martin Handford. Who has apparently made a franchise out of it! There are six books now and word on the street - OK, the internet - says that it's being made into a movie !?! Check out this link or copy and past the following into your browser:
A few weeks ago we went to San Francisco and of course had to go to MOMA as they had some great photography on exhibit... a showing of Richard Avedon's work from 1946 to 2004; a showing of Ansel Adams photos along with Georgia O'Keefe's landscapes (which ends Sept 7th) and great photos by Robert Frank (ends Aug 23rd) whose work I was not familiar with, but really liked.
As we were walking down the stairs, I glanced out the window and who should I see but Waldo!?!
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