Friday, August 28, 2009

Pep Talks

I suppose I'm not the only one that gives myself pep talks every once in a while.  I learned many years ago that if you need someone to pat you on the back, and there's no one there, it's good to go DIY!  But there's another woman out there, Rachel Simpson, who has a blog called Daily Pep Talk from a Best Friend.  What a great positive idea! 

She and I are both members of a Linked In group and she asked artists to send links to their work.... and whamo here you go:

A big shout out Thanks to Rachel for featuring my artwork.

Today I will go over to the Enotria Annex, where I will have my solo show this coming October.  Since I've never really shown the big light box pieces in Sacto (just Reno and Vegas), I'll need to measure the wall space and see what the electrical outlet situation is so I can display them.  I also will have some new work as well.
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