Sunday, July 26, 2009

Brava, brava

Goes out to Deborah Ayers, my good friend and fabulous pianist, and the rest of the totally talented musicians who make up the Montage Music Society of Boston. Why the applause? Because their incredible CD the "Starry Night Project" is now being carried at MOMA-NY's gift shop! Woo hooo.
If you like contemporary classical music, you have got to get this CD. Montage was able to commission some of the finest composers to write pieces based on art of the 20th century. You can get more info at their website HERE or copy and paste the following into your browser:
They are a remarkable group of musicians who have a great sound together. Can't sing their praises long or loud enough!
Ms Ayers and I have know each other since 1976 - when she didn't hurt me too much when I couldn't hear the harmony line when she played it with the melody for a song I was learning for the melodrama we worked in out in Colorado. I think we did end up having me stand next to someone who was singing that harmony line. I've gotten a wee bit better now... but that's why you will rarely see me upon the musical theatre stage!
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