Sunday, July 5, 2009

5th of July

is not a French holiday, but Bastille Day is coming up on the 14th! But the images to your left are French stamps!
I participated in a mail art project by Laurence Bucourt at his blog here. Or if that doesn't work, try copying and pasting the following into your browser
He mailed out a little booklet he made of all the entries to his mail art project - 145 mail artists from 23 countries took part in it.
"They will be exposed to the Open of the Association, 5 rue de Mandava has Gradignan, 26 and 27 June and the exhibition of workshops, has the Church-Gradignan CAYAC from 2 to 6 September 2009."
What I think this Google translate means is that they showed the work on the 26th & 27th and that they will again show the work in September. Very cool to think that I'll have work in a show in France. Now, to get more work over there, go visit and sell the work! Wheeeeeeeee
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