Sunday, June 28, 2009

Photos from NadaDada....

are on their way to the internet, after being processed on the hard drive! Since I shot in both RAW and JPG, it takes hours to download them... I know, I just shouldn't take that many pictures!
But to amuse you my Gentle Readers while I labor away, I must share the most amazing thing that happened to me there. I was mucking about with the volume on the video, when I turned around and - SHOCK - there was the ghost of SK James trying to murder Judy and Wayne! I had my camera handy and took this shot.
I stepped back in disbelief, shook my head and rubbed my eyes and presto, he was gone. Some say the El Cortez Hotel is haunted. But then there is the string theory of physics which says (among other things, don't ask me, I'm no scientist) that there could be up to 11 different parallel universes operating at the same time. I used that idea in a play called "Looking for Richard 3", produced in 1999 I think.
In art news from friends, Khim Marshall has directed a fabulous little film that is now available for your viewing pleasure on You Tube. It also features my friend Gary Agid. Check out this link HERE. Or if the link doesn't work, you can probably search You Tube using the name of the film, "A Quiet Place to Rest". It also features a young actor who is also good, her name is JayNay.
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