Monday, June 22, 2009

NadaDada and back

Got home in enough time so the Hubby and I could take his Dad out to dinner for Father's Day. Big round of applause to the folks who bought some of my work (YAY) and to the great comments from folks who stopped by to see it. Wanted to wait until the show was over before posting the videos that were part of the installation on You Tube. This one that features my Motel Variations series. But I think the one that I'll post tomorrow is more successful, stay tuned! Special thanks to Mike Crain for allowing me to use his great composition "Body Seams". I used the Dada "chance" technique of both writing the text I voiced and of placing it in the video. The sources of the text range from "The Posthuman Dada Guide: tzara and lenin play chess" by Andrei Codrescu to the internet musings of anonymous folks and stream of consciousness writing by yours truly.
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