Monday, June 15, 2009

Getting Closer

First of all, since the photos always load first and it's a pain in the butt to move them around... this is a painting that my friend Cherie Hacker (a wonderful artist anyway) did of her new grandson.
The kicker to this is that she painted this with her foot! Her ankle got crushed in a car accident in Feb and she was doing physical therapy and thought why not try it with a paintbrush between her toes!
Why is it that after a video has been authored to DVD and you play it, you see all sorts of edits that need to be made? I know, I'm barking up a black hole, to really mix metaphors. Have all the of the stuff that we'll need (I Hope) for the installation with the blow up dolls and the lingerie. Now if only Chad will take me up on my offer to help install on Wed afternoon.... please..... Not only will you see my new work.... including images of colorful, winged coyotes.... but CynStones decadent jewelry and "Sex Sells Art Starves" posters by Cherie Hacker. And that's just in room 212 of the El Cortez Hotel! You don't want to miss the work of my girls Diana and Trelaine, who has just posted a video on making roses from chicken skin on facebook!
Across Arlington at the Town House Motor Lodge, you'll find more artists, like my other friend, Liv Mo. You'll be able to ask her about those potatoes.
2009 NadaDada Hotel - June 18 to 21 - El Cortez Hotel and Town House Motor Lodge both at the corner of 2nd and Arlington in Downtown Reno. Most artist rooms open from 11 am to 4 pm or by appointment!
And News Flash... Cynthia and I have come up with a way to make our installation interactive! For only $5, you can have your photo taken on the bed with the blow-up dolls and it will be put in a classy card that Cyn and I will sign it for you. Hey, it's worth the drive just to have that special photo! See you in Reno, baby!
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