Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gearing up for Nada Dada

Feverish work is the name of the game here at the studio. Only 14 more days until I leave to begin work on the installation at Nada Dada Motel! I know I haven't posted any of the photos from our aborted vacation - JK had to leave to help his sister with his dad who was in the hospital - but soon my dear readers! Notice that I'm not saying how soon.
If you haven't already got tickets for Beyond the Proscenium's "My Name is Rachel Corrie", which got great reviews in both of the local fish wraps, then you might want to call and see if you can get on a waiting list for one of the nights (Fri & Sat @ 8 pm) from now until June 13th. Or try for a Sunday matinee at 2 pm. I think we're just about sold out, but sometimes folks make reservations and then life intervenes in unpleasant ways. Because of our travel plans, I won't see it until this Friday, but have heard nothing but rave reviews for how Karen Nylund has done a great job directing Tygar Hicks, an amazing young actress who plays the title role. Rene DeGarmo's set is wonderful as well.
I'm going to try to work on some transfers to bring up to NadaDada in addition to the new Motel Variation pieces I'm working on. I'm also working on a video for the installation which will feature blow up dolls... hehehehe But said video will feature music by Mike Crain! It's a digital looping piece called "Body Seams". I'd describe it as erotic but haunting, beautiful but frightening. Thanks again Mike for letting me use it!
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