Sunday, April 19, 2009

On Monday it was back to the competition schedule when Olga Török, an actress from the German Theatre of Timişoara, performed a very difficult monologue (that I was familiar with) from “We All Have the Same Story” by Dario Fo and Franca Rame in the small studio space at 5 pm. I didn't want to take a photo during the performance so this is what the set looked like. That circle on the floor was raised up and there were wire figures representing people she talked about attached to the circle with wire. Interesting device, but the set seemed too child-like to me considering the monologue and while the actress was good, she was far too young to play that part without indicating. In the 200-seat theatre proper was “Fitness” by Jacques de Decker starring Mihaela Teleoacă from the Comedy Theatre of Bucharest at 6:30 pm. To the right is the set for Fitness. There was a screen on the stage right side that really wasn't used very much or to much of an effect. The show was a play on words really on physical fitness and fitness to be a mother and to be in a relationship. The actress was very personable and warm, but the performance fell flat for me.

The 9 pm show, not in the competition, was a national theatrical treasure Mihai Mălaimare from the Florea Masca Theatre from Bucharest. He and his pianist Mircea Dinescu were wonderful and obviously have worked together for years. Mălaimare did a little bit of tap dancing at first, then a couple of songs and bits, including one that involved trying to “catch” the moon (represented by Dinescu creating the image with the beam of a flashlight) with a broom. This bit eventually moved into the audience where, yes you guessed it, I became part of the show.

  • As the moon shown on my head and he approached with the broom he asked me something in Romanian to which I blurted out, I wish I could speak Romanian right now! He replied, Oh you speak English, why? And of course I could not think of a witty repost quickly, so he just looked at me and replied for me, Just because! Yeah I blew my one theatrical performing moment in Bacău! Guess I had better learn more Romanian than my 10 “getting by” tourist words. He is an actor as well as a mime who trained with Jacques Le Coq. His mime work was wonderful and the audience begged for more with a standing ovation and he obliged them.

That evening I was approached by an English-speaking reporter for the local newspaper, asking me if I would be available to do an interview. I had been told that we had a TV interview the following day at 2 pm, so I assumed that it would be OK to make a 4 pm appointment with her which would give us 45 min for the interview and me 15 minutes before the 5 pm show started.

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