Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On the Boards in Bacau

I just can't say enough about the professionalism and the hospitality of all the people involved in the One Man Show Star 2009 Festival at the Bacau City Theatre. These folks have fashioned one of the most extensive theatre festivals I've ever seen. Actors have come from Japan, Serbia and all over Romania. In addition to the theatrical shows, there was a dance performance on Saturday featuring one of Romania's best dancers who started in ballet and evolved into a modern dancer.

There was only one sad thing at the festival, the artistic manager, Gabriel Dutu, was rolling around in a wheel chair with two broken feet. He was injured in a show about a week before the festival in a jump from the stage onto a concrete floor while performing in a space in another town. I am very honored to be among the judges at this solo show competition as it includes one of Romania's most revered comic actresses Tamara Buciuceanu. Also on the jury are other important theatre people: critic Carmen Mihalache; Ludmilla Patlanjoglu, a university professor as well as a theatre critic and Emil Boroghina, an actor as well as the director of the International Festival Shakespeare Theatre.
The opening night performance on Friday night featured I Saw The Light, a compilation of poetry by Romanian poet Marin Sorescu performed by Damien Oancea. Then another poetic performance of works by Sister Teodosia Sorica Latcu, Lights of Love with Manuela Golescu performing. I'm holding back on my review of these and the other shows until after the final judging is completed this coming Thursday by the entire panel. I'll reveal the panel's top three choices as well as my own top three.
The photo above is the set of Lights of Love. The final show for each night of the festival is something that is not included in the competition. On Friday it was Karaoke Man from the Torn Project Theatre starring Morio Kazama. I truly coveted his gorgeous kimono!
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