Monday, April 6, 2009

Getting Behind

I could make a very bad joke about the show I just directed in Sacramento, but if you've been reading the blog, you can make that joke yourself. Yes, I've gone DYI in the joke department now. Even though the day was a bust in terms of the information learned (see the last post), I made a very good discovery in the food department! So I decided to take myself out to dinner. Found a tiny little Italian place thanks to the concierge here at the hotel called... yep, The Grotto. The only reason I got in was that it was early and I promised that I'd be out of there in an hour.
It was in a basement with about a dozen tables, but the food... ah... fabuloso! Yeah, that's my fake Italiano. But they served huge portions and I could hear the ghost of my Nana telling me that children were starving in ________________ (fill in the blank). It's really too bad there wasn't a microwave in the room so I could have heated up some of the best spaghetti and meatballs I've had in a long time.
As I'm walking the four blocks back to the hotel, I pass by the State House, as Boston is the capital of Massachusetts (your geography tip for the day) when I see this sign !?! Massachusetts has always been a very liberal state, but who would have thought that they'd have a special entrance for the ladies of the evening.
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