Friday, April 3, 2009

Back in Beantown

Even though I spent the first 17 years on the planet in small towns north of Boston, I still don't like baked beans. The last time I lived in Boston was back in the early 70's when I was a modern dancer and took a theatre improv class that turned into a show that we all wrote together. Not only has the town changed considerably since then, but I have too. With the exception of still making theatre. Of course back in those days I never dreamed of staying in a place like the hotel where the international art residencies conference is being held. The shot above is the lobby. It's allegedly the US's longest continuously operated hotel. Right across the street is King's Chapel, orginally a wooden building in 1686, it fell into disrepair and was shut down for a few years. The stone building, made of Quincy granite, was opened in 1754. It was originally an Anglican congregation, but now is associated with the Unitarian Church. Below is the view from my room. During today's sessions I was in a jet lag daze. But even through the fog, I wasn't really impressed by the two I attended. One was about getting grants to pay for travel expenses, which the residencies don't pick up. Yeah, yeah, yah.... I've written grants before, give me some new information on them. But one highlight will be seeing an old high school pal, Francine. I remember that we used to write poems during typing class much to the chagrin of the teacher. She's now an outstanding ceramic artist. You can check out her work HERE
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