Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bacau City Theatre One Man Show Festival - Part 2

Saturday's performances started with Gogol's Diary of A Mad Man performed by Serbian actor Ivan Vidosavljevic from Teatrul Knjazevsko-Srpski from the city of Kragujevac. It was shown in the smaller studio space which suited the material very well. It would have not been as effective in the larger theatre space upstairs.
Later that evening the show that was not included in the competition was a dance performance by reknown Romanian dancer Razvan Mazilu who began his career as a ballet dancer and then crossed over to modern dance. Also included were some recital pieces from a local dance school with which Mazilu teaches on occasion. He was an amazing dancer and it seemed to me that he must have done modern dance training with someone who also studied with Martha Graham. At one point he did a solo about a woman who had left him and all that was left was her white strapless dress. He proceded to then pull the dress on and I swear he was channeling Graham! What a talent!
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