Monday, April 13, 2009

All Over the Map

With my virtual self representing Sacramento art and my actual self here in Romania, I suppose you could say I'm all over the map right now A few weeks ago I got an email from Emma Williams,Managing Editor, Schmap Guides asking me if she could use my image of St. Asphalta for Barton Gallery. This was one of my entries that was accepted into the juried All Saints Show there in February. And you know me, there's no such thing as bad PR, decided to allow them to use it. Her first query was that that I had chosen as a "finalist". So a few days ago, I got another email from Emma, telling me Congratulations, it was accepted! Well it's not really a big whoop-de-do as I am not being compensated for it and they are getting free artwork for their guide. But here comes the kicker, they want me to put a link to them on the website - WTF! Yeah sure after you somehow pirate my image from my blog, then not pay me for it's use, you want me to put your link on my blog? Does the phrase put it where the sun doesn't shine have any meaning to them? And what about the folks at Barton Gallery? Did they even know about this? While it's good to get my work out there by any and all means, I think this smells like an old carp after 3 days in the Sacramento sun.
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