Monday, March 23, 2009

Up for Air

Hello my dears... yes, just coming up for a little bloggy breath of fresh air... In my last post I alluded to directing a show and going to Romania (where I might change my name to Marie). It's All True! Our next show is Women's Wit, an evening of one-act plays by women playwrights which opens April 3rd at the 3 Penny Playhouse.
I'm directing Joni Hilton's very funny show called Does This Show Make My Butt Look Fat? Even though it's a one woman show about body image, fashion and chocolate, I'm using two fine actresses! This way they can share the role weekend by weekend. We're gonna toss a coin to decide who gets opening night, then the loser will play Saturday night and the other actress who played Friday night will take the Sunday matinee.
Margaret Mourneau will star the weekends of April 10th and 24th. That's her on the right, along with my wonderful stage manager Ally during a rehearsal last week. Yes the show involved some cooking demonstrations and I should tell you, but you do get an Ooey, Gooey Cookie during the show!
Cynthia Burdick will star the weekends of April 17th and May 1st (which is closing weekend). The other show is another comedy called Reasonable Doubt by Katie Chapman. She and Artistic Director Nick Avdienko will co-direct. It's about the idea of female perfection and slams game shows. I can't wait to see it. But I am going to have to wait until the end of April. Before we had to change our programming, I had signed up for a conference in Boston on international art residencies. Then the opportunity to direct Joni's show came up which I just couldn't pass up. So on the final night of tech, I'll be winging my way back to Beantown... my old stomping grounds!
I was going to the conference because I want to be able to work in Europe where my work is always more appreciated than out here in Sacca-tomatoes. Although it's been years since my last trip to Europe, I'm always so pleasantly surprised when folks there are actually impressed that I work in theatre and visual art! They don't ask about the "day job". So about 2 weeks after I make those plans, I get a call from my Romanian friend (stage and film actor) Mihai Danu, telling me that his friend in Bacau, Romania needs some help. So I get his email and contact him and next thing I know, I'm being invited to be a judge for a theatre festival there that happens just a few days after the conference ends!
I'm thinking that the law of attraction is really working here for me, especially since I'll already be on the East Coast. So I decide this is an opportunity that is too good to pass up since I've never been to Romania and am able to re-arrange my trip back home to Sacto. What's even better is that I'll be able to meet one of my Webists artist friends who lives in Bucharest, Carmen! I'm so looking forward to her making me dinner at her home. I will endeavor to blog every few days with updated photos, but we all know how that goes don't we?
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