Monday, March 16, 2009

Arte de Digital

When an artist picks up a new tool, they are generally met with derision by many in the art community who are not as flexible, at least to my way of thinking. When artists went from egg tempera to oil paints, I'm sure there was a brouhaha about the "new" way to make art. Much of the reason I joined the Digital Art Guild and Digital Fine Art Yahoo groups was to have some solidarity among artists who were also using digital tools. There are still many folks, both artists and collectors, who don't consider digital work to be art!?!
Joe Nalven, who is one of the founders of both groups, has written a great article which places digital work in the context of art history. He's a wonderful writer who has succinctly made the case for all digital artists. To read his article, click on this LINK. His image tops this post, called Reimagining Innocent and being the visual person I am, I have to admit I was first drawn to his great art before even realizing the truth and beauty of his words.
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