Friday, February 13, 2009

Tootsie RIP

Tootsie was the runt of the litter from an unintended litter of kittens. Certain friends, who will remain nameless, went off on a holiday without getting their male and female cats fixed. Their house sitter was left with strict instructions to keep them apart. Yeah, like talking about abstinence with teenagers with raging hormones. Unfortunately cats do not have opposable thumbs with which to put on raincoats.
The mother of these kittens was called Corky, after the ditzy character Corky Sherwood from the old Murphy Brown TV series. So the kittens became The Corksters. They kept two of them but were still looking for a home for the little runt when our black cat, Circus (who the Sweet Hubby and I had since we lived together in Denver in 1977) passed on to the fields of cat chow. Circus got his name because he would walk the spines of our bikes, which we parked in our kitchen, like a tightrope walker while we were eating.
So being critter suckers, we took the little black kitten and named her Tootsie, because she loved to rub her head against and then lick your toes!?! Our little foot fetish feline. Tootsie was the last of the Corksters to go. The photo above was taken about 2 months ago before we realized that kidney disease was going to get her. I made three pieces of art using Tootsie as my "model". The first of these is above called Tootsie Ignores the Aliens. I thought of all the critters we have, Tootsie would be the one most likely to just ignore it and not run away. The one above is called Dream of Bastet's Minions. Bastet being " an ancient solar and war goddess, worshipped at least since the Second Dynasty. In the Middle Kingdom, the cat appeared as Bastet’s sacred animal and after the New Kingdom she was depicted with a woman with a cat’s head carrying a sacred rattle and a box or basket."
Tootsie was always a regal cat. I know that she was horrified when our dog Crash hurtled into our lives nine years ago. Then, another friend had four kittens dumped on her doorstep, so we took two of them - Bob and Vivian, brother and sister. Tootsie was totally affronted, so I kept telling her she was the Queen of the Cats at Dragon Hacienda, which we call our little house. This last piece is called Blessed Cat and uses Japanese Kanji and photos of orchids that I took last year. The funny thing is that we were blessed to have her for many years. The Queen is Dead! Long Live the Queen!
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