Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Happy Merry Merry

Finally am ready for the holidays! Here's our tree for this year in the front window of our dining room, which looks out onto the street and the neighbor's house which is much better lit than ours.
The Sweet Hubby got clobbered with work this week, which is unusual at this time of year when everything is generally slow. But he is a freelancer - which means for those of you who are wage slaves and are considering working for yourself - that you can work anytime you want, including holidays and weekends because you don't know when the next job will be coming down the pike.
In a related holiday development, was going through some old photos looking for some of my mom (who passed away four years ago) that I could scan and print to use in photo Christmas tree ornaments, when I came across this one of moi at the age of two on Christmas Eve in whatever town we were living in at the time.
Some things never change, like the big open mouth in the photo! Yep, still got that and the love of home-baked cookies.
I don't wear fussy little dresses with Peter Pan collars and aprons attached anymore. And the chestnut brown and red hair has turned to gray and white, but I'm probably just as goofy. Happiest of Holidays to all and a wish for peace and joy in the coming year.
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