Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Egg and Ann

OK, don't know if I've made this clear or not, but I'm pretty useless in the mornings. I've always been a night owl since I was a teenager, except for those 10 years working as a radio journalist when I always got to do the early morning shows. Good thing it wasn't TV. I can certainly sound awake, but ask any of the DJs I worked with, I did not look like any kind of awake humanoid at all.
  • But I digress... This morning the Sweet Hubby got up way too early and made himself some pancakes for breakfast. When he does that he always makes an extra one for his charming wife when she gets up. So I'm making my tea, looking at the pancake and I decide that a lovely soft-boiled egg would be just the ticket. Did I mention that it's hard for me to engage my brain in the morning?
So, I'm looking at the clock and thinking I don't have time to boil the water for that egg, so I'll... hold your breath here ..... microwave it in a cup of water! I go out to the dining room to look at the paper when the Sweet Hubby goes out the door to haul in the trash and recycling cans from the street, walks in the door and turns to go into the kitchen, when..........
  • I hear this loud noise and then him yelling. I rush in to find what most 5th graders would know would happen.... yes ..... the egg exploded in the microwave, blowing open the microwave door and scattering little cooked (it was far too hard boiled for me now) bits of egg and shell ALL OVER THE STOVE and floor. The floor I didn't have to worry about because Crash the dog smelled the egg and was in there already licking the floor before I got in there. We should have named him Hoover (cue British laugh track).
Then it occurred to me, it could have exploded just as the Sweet Hubby was walking by the microwave! OMG, I could have killed him or at least injured him because he's tall and the door when it swung open could have smacked him in the head. We laughed over it and he helped me clean up and I wondered how much life insurance I had on him.
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