Monday, December 1, 2008

Aids Day

Yesterday before I had to be on set to shoot a scene from a short film I'm acting in, I was thinking about what I should write about on Aids Day - that hasn't been written before. At first I thought that I would encourage all my readers to either donate money to their local Aids charity - here in Sacramento, it's called CARES - or donate their time if they don't have the dough. I'm still going to do that as soon as I finish this post and I hope that you will donate either time or money to the many Aids groups across the world.
  • But then I read MeMe King's blog about her neighbor having Aids and realized I needed to make it personsal. Because this is a disease, like Breast Cancer, that proabably everyone knows someone who has been touched by it.
So I decided to tell the tale of my first husband Patrick who died of Aids about 15 years ago. My brother introduced me to him and he was a friend and part of our dance company founded by Robin Cole called the Encounter Dancers - hey waddya want, it was was 70s. We fell in love and got married in the same church where we performed many dance concerts - The Unitarian Church in downtown Colorado Springs. That's us in the photo above in a dance we called "Rutabaga Nightmare". Many thanks to my great friend Riki who had that photo for years and shared it with me when we got back in touch. She was also part of that dance company. We were only married for a short while, less than a year. I think when we both realized that we wanted more from life than we could give each other.
  • We stayed friends and in touch for many years. When I was living in sin with my now legally wedded spousal unit, Pat would even come over for dinner sometimes. But the years went on and we lost contact with each other.
It was a very sad day when my mom, who was still living in Colorado Springs, called me and told me she had seen the obituary. He was a talented, bright and funny guy who I wished had used condoms.
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