Monday, November 17, 2008

Art & The Economy

Looks like folks are starting to tighten their belts a bit. This thought was born after being at the St. Mary's Fine Art & Craft sale on Saturday. My friend Cherie and I shared a booth and at first I thought the slow sales were due to our work not being representative enough for the folks that were there to raise money for the school's programs. People did attend, but were not parting with their cash...sigh.
So I went around to some of the other artists who were offering more "normal" wares and found that their sales were down by 60% over the previous year. It's really too bad that folks didn't support their local artists. Better to spend money that will stay in our community than to spend it with corporate giants like... well you know.... I hate even naming them.
One thing you can do this weekend that WON'T cost you an arm and a leg is to come see the Experiments in Performance & Music this Friday at Asylum Gallery (behind the gray fence at 25th & R Streets in midtown) at 7 pm. I've written a performance text which you can read here and will be performing with an old friend, Tim Dougherty and the star of our show: Mike Crain, a phenom of a composer, percussionist and digital musician. We're accepting donations for the event which will also include some tasty beverages and a talk back with the artists. It should be fun and funny and hope to see you there!
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