Thursday, November 6, 2008

After Tuesday's election I do think that we have a much better chance at peace in the world now. I wasn't going to get political at all during the election season as most folks are up to their eyeballs in political fu... (fu means stuff and I stole the usage from Joe Bob, the guy who used to 'review' b-flicks in his own politically incorrect way). But I couldn't help myself on Monday when I had to post Obama's photo.
But I should be blogging for peace, although it is tied to politics . Here's a book to put on your reading list about how we can see peace in our lifetimes: Women, Power and the Biology of Peace by Judith Hand.
In nutshell she proposes that women rule the world because of certain biological and gender based reasons that you'll have to read the book to find out because I don't want to misquote her and it's been some time since I've read the book myself. (I think that has to be my best run-on sentence of all time.)
if you think this is crazy, then think again about little boys playing with soldiers and turning anything and everything into guns to kill people. Then do some research on violent crimes and you will find that probably 90% of them are committed by men.
Or I should say men who have not reconciled with their feminine sides. Those men who are not overshadowed by ego and who realize that we all have male and female sides to us, those men are fine. It's the ones who are afraid of that female side and afraid of women in general who use violence for power and control, those are the guys who need help. Or we set up a special penal colony on the Moon. That would help the economy!
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