Friday, October 17, 2008

Why BIG is BAD

It's probably not news to you that we live in an exceedingly small corporate world, inasmuch as who owns what. There are only a couple of Huge Corporations that seem to own, well, everything - like AT&T. I'm thinking about getting one of those new I-phones now that the price is 50% off the original price - I like bargains. But I'm beginning to re-think this because of stupidity on the part of AT&T.
Went to their website to look at my wireless phone bill the other day and saw this message:

We have recently enhanced our site security with new secret questions. To make your account more secure please click here.

So I did and found that they were "upgrading" security by asking you to choose from the following questions: What is your favorite film? .......... um... don't really have one - there are many films I like
What is your favorite hobby? .... um.... don't have a hobby because I'm a freelancer and an artist and I'm always working on art projects.
Last name of your favorite elementary school teacher? ..... WTF! .... elementary school teacher? I don't remember any teachers from that long ago. It's been too many years. I mean really once you reach the age of 40+ do you really remember your elementary school teachers?
What is the name of your favorite childhood pet? ... come on.... we had lots of them, I forget all their names... it's been a LONG time and finally.... Who is your favorite author? Gee, I read lots of books I don't have JUST ONE FAVORITE. OK... I'll do some Zen breathing now.
Here's my theory on this: They could give a rat's ass about anyone over the age of 25! When you're that young, sure you can remember elementary school, especially if you didn't go to college either. So, they're going for the young and the uneducated. What a concept for marketing, sure makes their job easier.
Why can't you make up your own question? Other websites with sensitive information have done that, why can't AT&T?
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