Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Good Reason to Go to the Big Apple - Cheap Opera

If you're a fan of contemporary classical music, my advise to you is to get a cheap plane ticket to New York and go see Dr. Atomic, an opera about the development of the atom bomb by John Adams and Peter Sellars.
Even if you're on a budget, you should be able to fork over $30 for a seat that generally costs from $100 to over $220 at the Metropolitan Opera. According to the NY Times, two wealthy opera lovers Agnes Varis, a managing director of the Met’s board, and her husband, Karl Leichtman, have bought $500,000 worth of prime orchestra tickets to the up-coming production, so they can be resold at $30 each.
October 13th is the opening and there are supposed to be 200 of the $30 seats available at the Met box office on the day of the performance for each of its nine performances.
The Sweet Hubby and I saw this back in 2005 - can't believe it's been three years - at the San Francisco Opera. I'm not a fan of the traditional opera, but I do like it when it's contemporary. SF Opera is just finishing up a production of The Bone Setter's Daughter, based on the book of the same name by Amy Tan and she was writing the libretto too. We didn't get to see that and hope it one day makes it to NY and that Agnes and Karl do their good deed again.
It's also smart of them to do this, as it's a way to get younger audiences to opera. They've got to do something as their subscriber base is dying off. So the gold star of the day for promotion of the arts goes to Agnes and Karl!
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