Thursday, October 23, 2008

busy as a Bee

Check out the story that was in today's Sacramento Bee Ann's way to break through creative blocks
I know I shouldn't be a whiner, but I wasn't all that crazy about how the article was edited. And it is good to do things with your non-dominant hand! Go on, brush your teeth with the other hand. go ahead and just throw (see photo) to the winds!
Speaking of creativity, one of the most creative of singers and performance artists - Laurie Anderson was at Mondavi Center in Davis with her new "Homeland" show. It was funny, profound, political and without caution. here's a link to a little interview she did on Swedish TV One of her best lines was: "Your silence is your consent."
and it sparked some other creative thoughts for the performance piece I'm writing to be performed at Asylum Gallery with the wonderful digital music composer and performer Mike Crain. We're doing an "Experiment in Performance" at Asylum on Friday, Nov 21st. Save that date, we'll be looking for you. Here's a link to Mike's website
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