Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mixed Media

Got a couple of things to post today. First of all I forgot to post this photo from the Women Impressionists show in SF. Yes, that woman has a jeweled BUG on her shoulder!
  • The I remembered my sista's pet, Fluffy, which was also a jeweled insect that she got while working in Mexico as a scuba instructor. It's a Mayan thing.
here's another example http://vlaze.com/12547
  • I don't know about you, but there's no way I would want a bug crawing around on me, jewels or no....
and in a 180.... we have the 2-min play I wrote for the unknown theatre company in LA. They were soliciting for a show that they'll do called 23 Dreams about Sarah Palin.

Skippy's Sarah Dream

Setting: any kind of open stage space, or since this is a dream, an unlikely type of set ranging from the interior of a plane to a harem to a set from another show.


Woman 1 - any age or race

Woman 2 - any age or race

Moose - guy in moose mask - any age or race

Queen Sarah – any age or race

Woman 1

Did you get your certificate?


I'm trying to avoid it. After all ...

(whispers after looking around to make sure no one can see or hear them)

I'm a les....



Oh, look at those great glowing flowers! We'd never know the beauty of nuclear waste if Queen Sarah had not been put on the throne.


Lovely flowers and look at the time! We should be getting back to the factory.

Enter a Moose - a guy in a Moose mask


Oh My Gawd! I thought those beasts were extinct now.


But look he's smiling I think. Maybe they're not as dangerous as they told us.


Shut up! You know that we can't contradict Common Thought or we'll end up in the retraining camps.


Can you ladies help me? I need to find some food. Since the Great Sea has risen with the Great Orb of God becoming so hot, I can't find my family's favorite mushrooms anymore. Not to mention the other lovely plants we like to eat. We're vegans you know.


I didn't hear you .... La la la la la

(Puts fingers in ears and continues to la la la)


What's wrong with her? Did I say something to offend? I'm truly sorry.


Don't you know that it's against the Verbal Laws of the Lord, or Common Thought, to utter the v-word? Wow you have been out in the woods for a long time.

(Loud siren is heard)

Moose begins to run in a large circle quacking like a duck. Both women get down on their knees and prostrate themselves. Moose goes over to them, sniffs them and runs off stage as the siren fades into the sound of a helicopter. As the helicopter fades, Queen Sarah enters in fatigues carrying a large rifle.

Queen Sarah

Get up. Did you see a moose a few minutes ago? I got me a hankering for a moose burger.


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