Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Is it Art?

There has been some recent “conversations” on the Digital Art Guild Yahoo email group lately about certain types of filters used in digital art. One of the fine artists there – Dolores Kaufman – had set up a challenge on her website with several images and then her final finished art piece made from those images. The challenge was to copy what she had created. This was all in response to someone who said something to the effect that using filters in Photoshop wasn’t art. I agree with that statement, but it’s HOW you use the filters and what you do to an image to create something new from it that makes it art.

  • If you go to her website: http://www.dgkaufman.com/, then click on take challenge two on the bottom left, you’ll see the “seed” images. Then click on the results and be amazed at how two photographs can be transformed into that many different images!

Then another wonderful digital artist, Ansgard Thomson contacted me off group to show me her little experiment using the paint daub filters in Photoshop on a recent photo she took, then she painted over the image in a program called Art Rage. It’s supposed to be like Painter, only much less expensive.

But painting the photo took a very long time, as compared to using an “art” filter in Photoshop. Can you see the difference?

Go check out Ansgard’s work at: http://www.members.shaw.ca/ansgard. She’s a feisty woman who is still making art in her 80s! I hope to be like her when I get to that age!!!

  • In my mind it all boils down to Duchamp and Dada. An artist makes art with whatever materials she has at her disposal. Digital tools are just that, tools that in the hands of artists become art. So there!

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