Monday, September 29, 2008

Getting Hungry??

Mmmmmm.... just thinking about making my mushroom marinara and clam sauces for the Beyond Pasta benefit Wednesday at Luna's Cafe which is located on 16th St., between N & O Streets. This benefits Beyond the Proscenium Productions, which is the theatre company I started back in 1994. Because funding for the arts is so difficult right now and tickets sales only pay for about 30% of our production costs, we have to throw these fundraising soirees so BPP can continue to produce regional and world premieres of contemporary theatre.
What do you get for your $25 donation to this do on Wed at 6 PM? Not only do you get a tax deduction ( for $15, we have to subtract out the value of the food and beverages) but you also get a sneak preview from Matt & Ben, a delicious send-up of Hollywood and Matt Damon and Ben Afflick who were brought into the limelight when their movie, Good Will Hunting made it Why not make "Hump Day" a centerpiece of your week? Please join us and help keep a theatre company that has produced only regional and world premieres of great contemporary theatre producing!
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