Monday, September 29, 2008

Getting Hungry??

Mmmmmm.... just thinking about making my mushroom marinara and clam sauces for the Beyond Pasta benefit Wednesday at Luna's Cafe which is located on 16th St., between N & O Streets. This benefits Beyond the Proscenium Productions, which is the theatre company I started back in 1994. Because funding for the arts is so difficult right now and tickets sales only pay for about 30% of our production costs, we have to throw these fundraising soirees so BPP can continue to produce regional and world premieres of contemporary theatre.
What do you get for your $25 donation to this do on Wed at 6 PM? Not only do you get a tax deduction ( for $15, we have to subtract out the value of the food and beverages) but you also get a sneak preview from Matt & Ben, a delicious send-up of Hollywood and Matt Damon and Ben Afflick who were brought into the limelight when their movie, Good Will Hunting made it Why not make "Hump Day" a centerpiece of your week? Please join us and help keep a theatre company that has produced only regional and world premieres of great contemporary theatre producing!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

You TOO can be a VIP

Yeah you can, all you need to do is come to the VIP reception for the Center for Contemporary Art's Capitol Artists' Studio Tour. It's tomorrow at 5:30 PM at 1818 L Street, where each artist has a piece on exhibit, cleverly displayed with help from Liv Moe, who will be part of the next show at Asylum Gallery in October.
Lots of good food, wine and chocolate will also be on hand in addition to the art and artists. Ticket prices aren't too bad, and are a special deal if you buy a membership that night... you get the membership and the goodies for only $40.
Now, Ann, you may ask, what does that have to do with the image to the left? I can answer that question - absolutely nothing, other than it's new work that I will be showing at the studio on Sat and Sun from about 11 AM (let's all sleep in) to 7 PM on Sat and 3 PM on Sun. I've also got a couple of other new pieces up at the Flickr site :
If you want the address and a link to a Google map to the studio, just email me. Cynthia Burdick will also be here with her hand crafted CynStones. She and I will be showing work as well as putting together an installation for Nada Motel next year. Please save the last weekend of June to come up to Reno and visit with us. It will be worth the trip, the installation will feature blow-up sex dolls. You WILL want to see it !
And in yet another item of gratuitous self-promotion, you can buy art from me here
  • if there is work that you've seen that you'd like to purchase, but it's not up on that site yet, dunna worry, just shot me an email and I'll post it for you. Or if you're in town or nearby, you can pick it up at the studio or I'll even deliver it to you! How's that for service?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mixed Media

Got a couple of things to post today. First of all I forgot to post this photo from the Women Impressionists show in SF. Yes, that woman has a jeweled BUG on her shoulder!
  • The I remembered my sista's pet, Fluffy, which was also a jeweled insect that she got while working in Mexico as a scuba instructor. It's a Mayan thing.
here's another example
  • I don't know about you, but there's no way I would want a bug crawing around on me, jewels or no....
and in a 180.... we have the 2-min play I wrote for the unknown theatre company in LA. They were soliciting for a show that they'll do called 23 Dreams about Sarah Palin.

Skippy's Sarah Dream

Setting: any kind of open stage space, or since this is a dream, an unlikely type of set ranging from the interior of a plane to a harem to a set from another show.


Woman 1 - any age or race

Woman 2 - any age or race

Moose - guy in moose mask - any age or race

Queen Sarah – any age or race

Woman 1

Did you get your certificate?


I'm trying to avoid it. After all ...

(whispers after looking around to make sure no one can see or hear them)

I'm a les....



Oh, look at those great glowing flowers! We'd never know the beauty of nuclear waste if Queen Sarah had not been put on the throne.


Lovely flowers and look at the time! We should be getting back to the factory.

Enter a Moose - a guy in a Moose mask


Oh My Gawd! I thought those beasts were extinct now.


But look he's smiling I think. Maybe they're not as dangerous as they told us.


Shut up! You know that we can't contradict Common Thought or we'll end up in the retraining camps.


Can you ladies help me? I need to find some food. Since the Great Sea has risen with the Great Orb of God becoming so hot, I can't find my family's favorite mushrooms anymore. Not to mention the other lovely plants we like to eat. We're vegans you know.


I didn't hear you .... La la la la la

(Puts fingers in ears and continues to la la la)


What's wrong with her? Did I say something to offend? I'm truly sorry.


Don't you know that it's against the Verbal Laws of the Lord, or Common Thought, to utter the v-word? Wow you have been out in the woods for a long time.

(Loud siren is heard)

Moose begins to run in a large circle quacking like a duck. Both women get down on their knees and prostrate themselves. Moose goes over to them, sniffs them and runs off stage as the siren fades into the sound of a helicopter. As the helicopter fades, Queen Sarah enters in fatigues carrying a large rifle.

Queen Sarah

Get up. Did you see a moose a few minutes ago? I got me a hankering for a moose burger.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Colorado to Coventry

Me Brudder is known in the art world as Atomic Elroy - CONCEPTUAL ART HUMORIST. Elroy is a time based media artist working in video, installation, and performance.
  • Before becoming a "time based media artist", he worked in theatre; acting, directing and writing performance scripts.
His latest gig involves a certain Bruce Uplink, who has finally landed another assignment. Bruce will be the voice of the Talking Birds Daily Coverage via the Telephone Exchange of the A Thing About Machines Fair in Coventry UK, September, 19-21, 2008
It should be pretty damn funny.... so if you're in need of a laugh, go to his blog for details:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Impressionistic Women

Just this last weekend, my good friend K., the screenwriter and novelist, came up to Northern California to catch the show of Women Impressionists at the Legion of the Palace of Honor in San Francisco. Being the good friend that I am, I told her that I'd go with her when her other friend that was going to go with her bailed out.
  • So off we went to The City by the Bay early enough so that we could have a lunch of crab and sourdough and of course a glass of wine at Alioto's on Fisherman's Wharf! It was great and then off to the museum for the show. We had to buy tickets in advance for a certain time.
Now, when museums do this, don't they try to space things out so that there isn't a huge crush of people? That's what the person with ordinary intelligence would think. And if it's in such a small corner of the museum, wouldn't they take this into consideration? Well, apparently there are not Rhodes Scholars setting up their exhibit programs/schedules. The place was way toooooo crowded.
  • Now this wouldn't bother some people, except that both K. and I are claustrophobic to strange extremes. I won't get into an elevator when it's full, I'll just wait thank you very much. Same is true of any kind of public transportation. Maybe I was a sardine in another lifetime.
Now the corker on why I'm such a good friend to go through all this - I don't like Impressionist painters whether they are male, female, transvestites or some other gendered person that I don't know about. I have great respect and admiration for the women of that period who were painters - it was tough and out of their "normal" sphere. But I had a revelation while there - it's the color palette that I don't like!
  • Looking at all the pale blues and pinks (especially for Mary Cassatt in this exhibit) just make my teeth ache like eating too much sugar. And then there's the subject matter - babies and children. I suppose if you don't get out of the house much you can only paint what's around. Nobody had thought of abstract art yet, so realism was the only style that they knew. It took the Fauvists to break away from Impressionism and begin the trek to the modern art we know today. I just goggled it and there were no women Fauvists. Had I been a painter in that day, I would have been a Fauvist!
But my friend K. has written both a screenplay and a novel about the woman who first broke from the academy in Paris to legitimate the Impressionists - Berthe Morisot. She's been writing about this woman for years now, so you my gentle reader understand why she had to see this show. She's got agents trying to market both for her right now and keep your fingers crossed that she sees some action later this fall - she deserves it.
  • And that my friends is our art history lesson for today!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sacto to San Diego

September is shaping up to be a busy month as I ready the studio for the CAST - Center for Contemporary Art's Studio Tour September 27th and 28th. I just delivered a new work - Broken Angel, Mono Lake - to 1818 L Street this afternoon. This is where there will be an artist's reception on 2nd Saturday. Very nice to drum up interest in the tour, which is free this year, thanks to the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission! This is another of my presentation experiments. I took the digital print, coated it with print guard (for archival ink purposes) then collaged it to a small canvas and then painted around it and the canvas edges.
  • The folks at Center for Contemporary Art have also done their voodoo to score a show at the SMUD gallery on 65th Street for the artists. This is just perfect for the partcipating artists - two pre-shows before the event itself. Of course I'll show a print from the Power series there. Today I was told that over 80 artists are participating this year.
And then there's the San Diego area show that I'm in the beginning of October at the Bonita Museum. Joe Nalven did a great job writing up an article about the show which is post at the Digital Art Guild website:

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Is it Art?

There has been some recent “conversations” on the Digital Art Guild Yahoo email group lately about certain types of filters used in digital art. One of the fine artists there – Dolores Kaufman – had set up a challenge on her website with several images and then her final finished art piece made from those images. The challenge was to copy what she had created. This was all in response to someone who said something to the effect that using filters in Photoshop wasn’t art. I agree with that statement, but it’s HOW you use the filters and what you do to an image to create something new from it that makes it art.

  • If you go to her website:, then click on take challenge two on the bottom left, you’ll see the “seed” images. Then click on the results and be amazed at how two photographs can be transformed into that many different images!

Then another wonderful digital artist, Ansgard Thomson contacted me off group to show me her little experiment using the paint daub filters in Photoshop on a recent photo she took, then she painted over the image in a program called Art Rage. It’s supposed to be like Painter, only much less expensive.

But painting the photo took a very long time, as compared to using an “art” filter in Photoshop. Can you see the difference?

Go check out Ansgard’s work at: She’s a feisty woman who is still making art in her 80s! I hope to be like her when I get to that age!!!

  • In my mind it all boils down to Duchamp and Dada. An artist makes art with whatever materials she has at her disposal. Digital tools are just that, tools that in the hands of artists become art. So there!