Monday, August 25, 2008

It's a Pop World After All

Was just reading me Brudder's blog about Warhol and Pop culture when he referenced this too short interview with Laurie Anderson, one of my personal art heroes. Here's her interview with Smithsonian:
  • What's ironic is that just a week ago I was at the Crocker Museum's reception for their American Pop show which featured many Warhols and some other more interesting (IMHO) art.
I'm not sure why Warhol won. How did this happen? Why are the majority of people obsessed with fleeting fame making fools of themselves on crappy TV shows? Why are people more likely to choose an "entertainment" that doesn't make them think? What the hell is wrong with thinking? It's not that hard. Personally, I don't like easy "entertainments", I want to be challenged when it comes to theatre, dance, music and art.
  • But I keep forgetting I'm not the norm. I didn't have kids the way I was "supposed to"; I did radio when it took NOW filing injunctions with the FCC about the lack of women on the air in Denver CO; I don't like vanilla ice cream, mayo, or other bland foodstuffs; I've never seen an "Ah-nuld" movie and I like French films better than Hollywood.
I wonder if Laurie Anderson likes vanilla ice cream? She'll be playing at Mondavi center in Davis on Oct 22nd - just got my tickets and am looking forward to seeing her new show.
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