Monday, August 4, 2008

Finally the Wurd on Nada Motel

I can't believe it took me a month to get this stuff up here. But as you can tell, I've been busy with other projects and then there's our petting zoo (3 cats and Crash the dog) and my sweet Hubby and trying to have a life with him from time to time. But there I go babbling again, maybe I should have named this the Babbling Blog!
  • First of all a BIG thank you to all the artists and other folks who stopped by to look at my work and the work of Cherie Hacker and the jewelry of Cynthia Burdick. And to all the listeners of Capital Public Radio who heard the interview that Chad Sorg and I did with the manager of the Cortez Hotel and Insight Host Jeffery Callison. And an extra big thank you to the people who bought work.
The only thing I'm bummed about is that the photos I took of Chad Sorg's wonderful big mixed media paintings didn't turn out. His work was really great. Most everyone had wonderful stuff up there and following pieces are work that I really liked for one reason or another. One of the best installations was called the Barn by Ned Peterson and Kai Prescher. "In the Barn, the horses watch the cows, the cows watch the pigs, the pigs watch the chickens, the chickens watch the ducks and the ducks watch cartoons 'cause they're funny that way." Patty Melton showed colorful renderings of historic Reno motels like the following. Apparently her parents owned the Town House Motel back in the 1960s and she swam with Lyndon Johnson back then when it was a hoity-toity place Paula Povilaitos showed rubbings she had done of water and sewer caps and the like. Jerry Tarner brought along his sculpture and did a great job decorating his room, using auto upholstery fabric!?! Jerry tells me it's very cool stuff and it's cheaper than your regular fabric store which I'll keep in mind for next year when I think that Cynthia and I will do some kind of installation. Spent some good time talking wtih fellow digital artist-photographer Dean Burton who was showing his new series - The Architechure of Electronica. Great stuff as you can see from the one photo. He teaches up in Reno and those kids are lucky to have a teacher like him. Then Cindy Gun had a great little sculptural installation called Mockery of a Mosque. This is a detail from it. It was great. So a big thanks to all the great artists I met in Reno and thanks again for letting me Nada with you!
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