Monday, July 28, 2008

Why all the mail art?

This one has been sent off to San Francisco for possible inclusion in a book about mail art. Won't know for at least a month if it gets in. But you've noticed the mail art frenzy I've been going through?
  • well I've been thinking about it too and it's probably because I'm trying to create a new piece of work for the Digital Art Guild Juried Show. The theme is Urban Legands and Country Tales. Which you'd think would be easy, except if you let your brain get in the way which is what I'm apparently doing
Big flying heaps o'rat dung! Just got an email that I didn't get into the Orange County Contemp show. sigh Maybe the animals were not cute enough. No one ever said that art was supposed to be just pretty.
  • Onward through the fog!
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