Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We're Puffed Today

Why you might ask? Because there are other people out there reading our blog. If you're wondering about the plural, the royal we, it's me and my evil twin, Skippy. Enough babbling! We got a lovely email from Judd Corizan telling us that one of our entries was picked to be showcased on his blog, The Rising Blogger.
Which one? You're gonna have to either guess or go to his website to find out! Here's the URL http://therisingblogger.blogspot.com/
Soon I will have info on the International Mail Art Show that Asylum Gallery hosted as a benefit for the Women's Wisdom Project in Sacramento. Some of the artists who donated work are a little miffed that I haven't blogged about it. Dunna worry me lads and lassies, I will get to it soon, very soon I promise. I'm also going to make a Flickr site to display all the wonderful art we received, but that will take a little longer to become a reality because I have over 100 pieces of art that need to be formatted for the web. I'm going out of town next Monday, so I expect that it will be July before we see the Flickr site up and running.
  • Unless someone can help me find about 6 more hours for every day. Any takers out there?
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