Sunday, June 8, 2008


is the most incredible little town with big city amenities like fine dining, theatre, music, art. Yup fell in love with it all over again when the hubby and I went up there a few weeks ago. We got tickets to two shows at Oregon Shakes - neither of them works by the bard though - The Clay Cart (fabulous - 5 *s) and The Further Adventures of Hedda Gabler (good acting, direction, set, lights, sound, SERIOUSLY flawed script - 2.5*s) which might be a better musical than a straight play.
Driving up there (after you get past Redding) is an amazing drive. For much of the way Mount Shasta looms. It's really easy to see that it's an old volcano, and there's even a volcanic cone sort of mountain there.
You can see a few photos I've posted to Flickr, if you click on that first link on the right, or you can jsut go here:
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