Sunday, June 29, 2008

Nada Yada

Just got back from Nada Motel in Reno today and what a blast! Meet some wonderful artists and friendly folk who came up to see the work and some of these folks, including a few artists, even bought some of the art! Many Thanks to YOU all. Got an email from a friend who missed the interview on Jeffery's Insight show. But you can go here to hear it and then click on the button that says Listen to Archive. I still have to process the Colorado photos, so it might be a week or longer before I can post the Nada Motel photos.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sneak Preview

Tying up loose ends today before I head off to Reno for the Nada Motel show. I'll be bringing some truly funky jewelry designed by Cynthia Burdick, art by Cherie Hacker and some new pieces created especially for the show! Like this piece called Motel Variation #4. For a sneak peak and if you can't make it up to Reno this weekend, check out the Flickr site, which is the first link to the right on this blog.
I'll also be interviewed by Jeffery Callison on the Insight show on KXJZ tomorrow between 2:20 and 2:40. If you can't listen to it tomorrow, you might be able to catch a podcast of it on the net:

Monday, June 23, 2008

Where NOT to stay in Reno with pets!

That would be the SLEAZY accommodations at the Atlantis Hotel and Casino in Reno! In the Triple A Traveling with your pets book, they say the Atlantis is a 3 diamond hotel, but what they forgot to tell folks is that the accommodations for people traveling with pets is absolutely wretched. It's a motel type structure on the backside of the main hotel, with small rooms with either queen or 2 double beds. A bathroom that is small and cramped with wireless service that I had to call the IT guy to get on line. Funny, didn't have to do that at the Hilton at the Salt Lake City Airport where we had an elegant room and the wireless connection was seamless.
So, if you're traveling with a pet, AVOID the Atlantis unless you want a horrible room. sigh....I'll be glad to get home tomorrow. Then it's off to Reno for the Nada Motel art festival. If any of you are out in that area, please stop at the Town House Motel in downtown Reno.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

On the Road Again...

Even though I won't be blogging this coming week or the week after, you can look forward to a couple of events. One such being is the Nada Motel Art Festival Weekend. I'll be one of about 50 artists displaying work and carrying on up in Reno at the Town House Motor Lodge from June 26th to the 28th.
The hubby and I are taking Crash the dog on a trip out to Colorado in the RV. We're going to go Highway 50 - nicknamed the loneliest highway in the US. We'll be camping at either national or state parks along the way until we get to Colorado Springs. There we visit our old friend Bud and his new wife Teresa, along wit me brudder and his family. Then it's up to Denver for more old friends - Riki, Glen and Maryann, before we head west again along I-80, after going north on I-25 to Wyoming.
I'll be making notes, sketches and of course taking photos - gad I had better go out to get another card for the camera - along the way.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We're Puffed Today

Why you might ask? Because there are other people out there reading our blog. If you're wondering about the plural, the royal we, it's me and my evil twin, Skippy. Enough babbling! We got a lovely email from Judd Corizan telling us that one of our entries was picked to be showcased on his blog, The Rising Blogger.
Which one? You're gonna have to either guess or go to his website to find out! Here's the URL
Soon I will have info on the International Mail Art Show that Asylum Gallery hosted as a benefit for the Women's Wisdom Project in Sacramento. Some of the artists who donated work are a little miffed that I haven't blogged about it. Dunna worry me lads and lassies, I will get to it soon, very soon I promise. I'm also going to make a Flickr site to display all the wonderful art we received, but that will take a little longer to become a reality because I have over 100 pieces of art that need to be formatted for the web. I'm going out of town next Monday, so I expect that it will be July before we see the Flickr site up and running.
  • Unless someone can help me find about 6 more hours for every day. Any takers out there?

Sunday, June 8, 2008


is the most incredible little town with big city amenities like fine dining, theatre, music, art. Yup fell in love with it all over again when the hubby and I went up there a few weeks ago. We got tickets to two shows at Oregon Shakes - neither of them works by the bard though - The Clay Cart (fabulous - 5 *s) and The Further Adventures of Hedda Gabler (good acting, direction, set, lights, sound, SERIOUSLY flawed script - 2.5*s) which might be a better musical than a straight play.
Driving up there (after you get past Redding) is an amazing drive. For much of the way Mount Shasta looms. It's really easy to see that it's an old volcano, and there's even a volcanic cone sort of mountain there.
You can see a few photos I've posted to Flickr, if you click on that first link on the right, or you can jsut go here:

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Today is the day to blog for peace! So here I am blogging my little heart out. But what can we do to achieve peace? There's a group called Women Waging Peace Network and you can check them out here:
There is also a great book I read last year called "Women, Power and the Biology of Peace" by Judith Hand. You can find out more about her and the book here:
Another thing we can do is to try to incorporate peace into our daily lives and speak up on the issue when it arises. Sometimes the simple act of speaking up can help change the world.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Art & Politics

are indeed strange bedfellows especially when it comes to raising money for the arts. OK.. this will be one of my shortest rants, I promise. I'm so sick of getting hounded by politicos for money, that I'm instituting a new policy of quid pro quo!
  • That's right, you scratch my back and I'll get out my back scratcher for you. So in the future every request for political money will go out with a request for a donation to the nonprofit theatre company that I started back in 1994 - Beyond the Proscenium Productions (BPP). Unlike political contributions which are not tax-deductible, donations to BPP are completely tax-deductible.
Here's a piece of street art, found in midtown Sacramento which I do believe is political ;~D

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Up, up and away....

Those of you of a certain age will probably get the musical joke of the title, remember that old tune? What is going up? The digital drawing that is above is going off to a mail art show called "International Aspects on Drawing", being organized by Rita Da Costa. When I got word of the show, I emailed her back and asked if digital work was OK to submit and because of our language barrier, she didn't quite understand, but said she'd make an exception for me. The show is supposed to go up at The Galeristic Space (future art gallery) in Sintra, Portugal. If we have anyone reading this blog who's from that part of the world, would love to have a photo of the gallery and the work in the gallery. As a matter of fact, I'll send you a copy of it if you send me a photo!
  • I created "Leaving" while taking a digital drawing class with Marcelle Wiggins, another fabulous digital artist. She's listed in the links section, so go check out her work too.