Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cyber Interview and Book News

Cyber Interview on British Art Website

I've had a cyber interview by a young British artist and now it's up on her website. It was really interesting to answer someone else's questions, instead of my usual PR hack way of writing stories and news releases. It was refreshing, it was fun, go on, read it!

The interview with 1st Angel and Friends is now up at her website:


Rejections and Acceptance.....

Artists of all stripes ( media) know the heartbreak of rejection. If you're a performer and you didn't get the part after the audition or if you're a visual artist who submits work and doesn't make the cut, you know what I'm talking about. Sure, they should repeat that life isn't fair more often and maybe we'd get used to it. Probably not.

But then when you make the cut, O the Joy! I finally have some joy (in that respect) to report. My work has been juried into the American Art Collector annual book that's sent around to galleries and museums, etc. The book is supposed to be published this fall and it makes up for the five other competitions that I entered that I didn't get into.

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