Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Recycle Those Old CDs

Just got back from Joshua Tree National Park and still haven't dealt with all the photos, but in preparation to do so, I started to clean up some piles of "stuff" that had built up over the past weeks in my studio. In doing these came across some old CDs of old headshots and wondered where in the world I could recycle them!
  • A Google search gave me this website:
  • If the link doesn't work, I've also got it on the sidebar, and go ahead and click on those Google ads while you're at it. I'm hoping to make $2.00 by month's end
Yes, Virginia not only is there a Santa Claus, but there is an easy way to recycle CDs! All I have to do now is just save them in an envelope and when it's full, mail it off to the good folks who will recycle them! Sure I'll have to pay the postage, but I'll have the satisfaction that I'm doing the right thing for the planet and your grandkids (don't have any of my own) won't suffer the consequences! Isn't Earth Day just around the corner?
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