Sunday, April 27, 2008

Joshua Tree National Park and My Left Arm

April is probably one of the best months to visit Joshua Tree National Park, way down south in California near Palm Springs. Especially for a weather wiennie such as me, I abhor the heat. So hubby and doggy and I piled into the camper van and headed south on Highway 395, which we had never driven before. It was simply amazing, espeically because the mountains were still snowcapped as you can see. The highway is on the backside of Yosemite and other national forests. It was breathtaking and since we left on a Thursday there wasn't any traffic to speak of really. It takes us 2 days to get there as we're taking our time and also stopped at Mono Lake. What was mind boggling at the small county park we stopped at was that as you walked out to the shore on a wooden platform, you would see signs posted saying that this was where the shoreline was in 1954, etc. The city of LA has been sucking the lake dry until 1994, when concerned citizens actions stopped the city of the angels from getting any more water and further damaging the fragile environment. I'll have photos of Mono Lake at my Flickr site so please click on that link for more photos.
  • so we finally get to the Park and park the van and set up camp. Crash is not the happiest doggie in the world because even though he came along with us, he's on leash. Not only park rules, but because of his beagle-ish "wide range" and living through his nose. The next day he's happier as we drive around the park and stop at the different parts and he gets to get out of the van and sniff and leave his mark.
We have another great dinner at the campsite and we're outside looking at the stars so the outside lights are not on, when I turn to go into the van for something and trip over one side of an iron circle meant to contain fires and smash my left arm and left side of face on the other side of it. I can't remember the last time I was in that much pain. I was the queen of ice and Irish whiskey that night. Next morning we head straight over the the emergency room in the nearby town of 29 Palms. Luckily it wasn't broken, but was beginning to bruise from my elbow to my wrist and I'm still in pain.
  • We head off to Bakersfield to find a motel that will take doggy because that's my personal camping rule: 3 days out in the wild and then into a motel room with a proper bathroom and tub! Well come to find out, it's Crash's rule too. Wish I had had my video camera and done before shots with Crash on leash mopping and then with no leash jumping for joy in the air conditioned heaven of the hotel room! He began to play with the new toy I had brought for him that he ignored while out camping.
OK, I can hear you all now saying: "The dog is as spoiled as she is!" And you know, you're right! Yeah I could live in the wild if I had to, but I'm a big fan of indoor plumbing, what can I say? After I got back sent an email to the park asking what form I should file with them since I was injured there and guess what? Yup, no reply from them. So now it looks like I'm going to contact my Congress person to see how to do it. Here's a photo of a Joshua Tree that I mucked around with while converting it from RAW to tif.
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