Friday, April 18, 2008

Better Way to Recycle ALL Techno Trash

After my last posting and sending out some emails, my good friend and techno-geek extrodinaire, Don Frenna sent me an email saying that he wouldn't use that group because they didn't have a security statement on the website. Point taken Don! He suggests this group because of this security statement:
  • The other major reason to recycle your technotrash with GreenDisk is for the protection of your privacy. Obsolete computers and old media contain massive amounts of your private and proprietary information. For each of the last five years identity theft has been the fastest growing crime in America. In addition, with the new HIPPA and Sarbanes-Oxley regulations regarding the proper protection and destruction of private information, there comes a need to demonstrate compliance with these regulations. Throwing technotrash into a landfill is just an invitation for trouble.

Secure destruction of information on electronic media

Identity theft, corporate espionage, and other crimes resulting from the theft of valuable information from media are on the rise. Destroying information properly is absolutely critical, and simply deleting files from a hard drive does not do the job. GreenDisk destroys information in the following ways:

· Videotapes & audiotapes are degaussed or shredded. The media goes through high-powered electro- magnets that wipe out all information without any chance of recovery.

· CDs & DVDs are ground or shredded. The resulting material is perfect for the subsequent recycling and remanufacturing process, and information is impossible to capture.

  • · Hard drives either go through a military wipe or are drilled. A military wipe follows the Department of Defense high- level security wiping procedures (5220.22M) which is an extensive process of writing over information on a byte by-byte basis at the machine level and is far more secure than simply reformatting the drive. This is the accepted information wiping process by the military … hence the name military wipe. If a military wipe is not feasible, the hard drive is mechanically drilled so it cannot be used again. This destruction process is undertaken whether the hard drive is standalone, in a laptop, or in a desktop computer.
Don also said that it's cheaper too, that you can lump ALL of your Technotrash in a single box and ship for $6.95(20 pounds or less) Via Fed-X or any carrier!!! So, I've replaced the link with this one:
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