Monday, March 10, 2008

Black Orchid Monday

It seems that I'm in capable (at least for now) to blog twice a week which was my intention when I finally got back to it. I admit that I really didn't know what to blog about and I sat around the whole day waiting for that damn Muse in her red high heel shoes to come ... but she never showed. Why a black orchid Monday? Because I finally downloaded the photos I took in San Diego last month! Some of them were from an orchid show at Balboa Park.
  • My dearest hubby said that his dad wanted to help support me as an artist - GO SWAN DAY! But much of my work is a little too abstract and conceptual for an 89-year old man who has no background and not much interest in the arts.
Then I thought of the flower photos! The original photo with a bit of vignetting around it is to the right.
This version of it was manipulated in Painter making it look more like a watercolor.
  • Here is the final in which I combined two of the above.
Now comes time for the ironic twist, ready? We both looked at it and realized that it doesn't have enough contrast in the colors and in the background. Hubby's dad is nearly blind from macular degeneration! I'm working on another large scale photo for my father-in-law.
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