Friday, February 29, 2008

Crashing SWAN Day

Well here I was pondering how to start this blog when the door bell rang! It was my friendly UPS lady, who my dog (Crash, who crashed into our lives about 8 years ago, pictured here in a goofy "clown" outfit I brought him for Halloween) just adores. And a quick note for other costume-crazy dog owners, the hat would not stay on his head.
  • What she had for me was the two SWAN Day T-shirts that I ordered! What is Swan Day? It's a project of another organization that I belong to - The Fund For Woman Artists. They decided that women artists don't get much respect or money, which is so very true, so we need a day to celebrate them - Swan Day - Support Women Artists Now, which is March 29th this year. YOu can get more info if you go to this website:
What can YOU do for SWAN Day? They have all sorts of ideas on the website, including this one - send a woman artist a check! We'd all like that thank you very much!! I think I'll see if my female artist friends could join me for lunch and I'll pick up the tab! Who says there's no free lunch? OK, OK, it will be free for them but not for me. Maybe the old saw should be restated as "There's no free lunch if you're picking up the tab."
  • But speaking of tabs, if you have weekend plans, include the arts in them. Go see a play put on by local actors, go to a gallery to see work by local artists, go listen to local musicians play and/or go to a poetry or literary reading. We need to support our local artists in whatever media they work in our communities.
If you're in Sacramento, go see The First Thread, BPP's new, totally awesome show at California Stage (behind the gray fence at 25th & R Sts). It's truly an amazing theatrical experience - a movement play without any words. Check out the website here: Other shows that have gotten good word of mouth is the production of Bus Stop at the Actor's Theatre of Folsom directed by my friend Maggie Upton. Then there's the wacky Moliere play that's performed in French in Act 1 and then in English in Act 2 produced by California Stage at The Space.
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