Monday, February 18, 2008

Baaaaad Blogger

  • Yup, hanging my head in shame right now. You should see how pitiful I look, especially without make up on today. On second thought, Never mind. I could go on and on with excuses, but I'd rather just be here now!
My solo show is only up at Asylum Gallery (behind the gray fence at 25th & R Sts) for one more weekend, so time is running out to see my big-ass digital work like this one
  • It's called Message 3 and is an abstraction of another piece in the show.
Buy even more exciting is the new show that Sacramento Theatre Experiment has created and that Beyond the Proscenium is producing. It's called First Thread and is directed by Nick Avdienko our artistic director. Putting my theatre reviewer hat on I'd call it a great example of a theatrical movement performance piece. Yes, it's more than a modern dance concert. But I hesitate to call it a play in that there is no spoken text, but subtext galore! BPP has been faulted for doing shows with little or no narrative, but this is a first for the company!
  • And if you really, really crave some kind of story to go with it, just make one up! That's right, it's OK to do that (for those of you out there that need permission). As the International Theatre Director Robert Wilson says, every audience brings their own stories to the theatre.
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