Monday, February 25, 2008

Art & Words

I can't believe that February is almost gone - just 5 more days left. But then again there's much in this wide world that I can't believe - organized religions, most politicians, what passes for popular culture on TV and at the movies. Speaking of which I hold the distinction of NOT seeing any of the movies nominated for the Oscars! But at least last night I was at the font of pop culture watching part of them on TV. I freely admit that I'm more of a fashion hound than a movie lover, so seeing what costumes are being worn is half the fun for me!
  • and now in a complete 180, let's blog about words and art. There is an excellent yahoo group called Digital Fine Art group from whom I get a daily digest. The recent thread on it has been about words and art. How words can be used strictly as "part" of the art, used chiefly as part of the structure of the piece or how words can be used in a more illustrative manner in art work. Being both a writer and a visual artist, it makes perfect sense to me!
then I stopped to think how I've used words in artwork in both ways. Here is a piece based on a PR photo I shot for Beyond the Proscenium Productions for our production of Richard Foreman's Symphony of Rats. I knew that the local papers wouldn't print something so "arty", and so big thanks to the two actors in the photo from left to right: Jessica Pierce and Blair Leatherwood. But then there are times when I don't want the viewer to read all the words, but just want the words to echo a theme or suggest something to the viewer like this (Power of Words) from my recent solo show at Asylum Gallery here in Sacramento: In the past when I've used words in art, I did so instinctively without really thinking. But thanks to the wonderful artists who have been posting on the subject - Joe Nalven, Delores Kaufman, Linda Levy, James Niles and many others. It's made me look more closely at how I've used words and to what effect.
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