Thursday, December 13, 2007

Visual Universes

So... you're wondering what the hell has happened to Ann? But maybe not since you probably have a life. I have too much of one right now with getting ready for Xmas and trying to get enough art finished to hang at Asylum Gallery in January, plus with company coming to town. I'm sure your life is equally full too.One of the things I've recently discovered is a free-ware fractal art program called Apophysis 2.0.... I don't know the correct way to work the program, as I'm jut playing with it, the way I generally learn all software. but coming up with some wonderful results after manipulating the images in first Painter and then in Photoshop
  • I'm calling this piece Quest. it's as if there are many different visual universes out there that can be made with this fractal program and then refined. I will have at least 3 of the pieces in the show in Jan.