Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Arts & Bolts

Have you noticed a general lack of coverage in your local newspapers on not only the performing arts, but the visual arts as well? We certainly have in Sacramento. Our weekly newspaper had an arts editor change and the gal who was freelancing for them is gone. Pictured up right is Khimberly Marshall as Dido and Tube Daranouvong as Aeneas and in the photo below it's Cynthia Burdick as Hecuba, Jennifer Fong as Polyxena and Blair Leatherwood as Talthybius.
  • Had lunch today with my friend Jim Anderson so I could hear the good, bad and ugly about the show that I adapted and directed called Hecuba and Dido: Love Gone Wrong which just closed on Sunday. The few folks who saw it really enjoyed it, but we had just crappy houses. Here is what one artist who has a studio near the BPP office had to say about the show:
  • I am writing to tell you how much we enjoyed your production of Hecuba and Dido. It is possibly the best play I've seen yet in Sacramento and that is even more satisfying because it was done on a tight budget. The set was simple, clever and effective, the acting excellent, especially Hecuba and Dido who were fabulous, as well as others. the adaptation was a knock-out. Not stilted, self-conscious, trite. The melding of past and present was seamless and completely believable. This was a deeply moving experience. Thank you so much for your gift to the community. Bonnie Rollin
  • She didn't have to say anything never mind contact us to let us know that she really liked it. thanks so much Bonnie because it's folks like you for whom we knock our selves out doing theatre on shoestring budgets!
here are a few photos from the production: Jim, who is also a director and is teaching now over at Sat State, had some very salient points. But in our general discussion he mentioned that Victoria Dalkey, the visual arts reporter for the local daily, had her hours cut in half. No wonder there's not much ink devoted to the arts.
  • I have an idea for a blog that would cover the visual and performing arts scene in Sac, but don't want to do it all myself. That's why our gallery is a coop of artists, with me just doing the PR. Don't know how one could structure a blog so that several different folks could post either.... guess you'd all have the same sign in name and password....
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