Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Radio Baja

Thanks for the comments on the work I put up here a few days ago.... and you must have noticed my ... instead of regular punctuation... it's a hold over from my days as a broadcast journalist in radio! when you're writing news scripts that only you or maybe one other person will read.... it's must easier to write in "speaking bursts" than take the time to use punctuation.
  • and I've noticed that the only way to get a space in between work chunks (that's what I call them, I don't like the word paragraph and besides it's more of a dada phrase) for ease of reading is to use bullets or numbers. But then again, I'm a newbie at this.
I was going to start a new writing project today where I would create characters from the Dear Abby columns in the morning paper and use them in short plays, but my hubby was too fast on the draw this morning and recycled the paper. Maybe tomorrow.
  • Here's the latest image I'm working on for a young couple's housewarming gift based on photos I took at their wedding and the pre-party bash at a Baja bar.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Arts & Bolts

Have you noticed a general lack of coverage in your local newspapers on not only the performing arts, but the visual arts as well? We certainly have in Sacramento. Our weekly newspaper had an arts editor change and the gal who was freelancing for them is gone. Pictured up right is Khimberly Marshall as Dido and Tube Daranouvong as Aeneas and in the photo below it's Cynthia Burdick as Hecuba, Jennifer Fong as Polyxena and Blair Leatherwood as Talthybius.
  • Had lunch today with my friend Jim Anderson so I could hear the good, bad and ugly about the show that I adapted and directed called Hecuba and Dido: Love Gone Wrong which just closed on Sunday. The few folks who saw it really enjoyed it, but we had just crappy houses. Here is what one artist who has a studio near the BPP office had to say about the show:
  • I am writing to tell you how much we enjoyed your production of Hecuba and Dido. It is possibly the best play I've seen yet in Sacramento and that is even more satisfying because it was done on a tight budget. The set was simple, clever and effective, the acting excellent, especially Hecuba and Dido who were fabulous, as well as others. the adaptation was a knock-out. Not stilted, self-conscious, trite. The melding of past and present was seamless and completely believable. This was a deeply moving experience. Thank you so much for your gift to the community. Bonnie Rollin
  • She didn't have to say anything never mind contact us to let us know that she really liked it. thanks so much Bonnie because it's folks like you for whom we knock our selves out doing theatre on shoestring budgets!
here are a few photos from the production: Jim, who is also a director and is teaching now over at Sat State, had some very salient points. But in our general discussion he mentioned that Victoria Dalkey, the visual arts reporter for the local daily, had her hours cut in half. No wonder there's not much ink devoted to the arts.
  • I have an idea for a blog that would cover the visual and performing arts scene in Sac, but don't want to do it all myself. That's why our gallery is a coop of artists, with me just doing the PR. Don't know how one could structure a blog so that several different folks could post either.... guess you'd all have the same sign in name and password....

Monday, November 26, 2007

Almost forgot to thank my friends over at blog catalog for becoming my friends. While I've been a digital artist for years now, I'm a newbie at blogging. Here take at look at these wonderful folks
Hope everyone had a fantastic turkey dinner and wonderful holiday. Not only did I cook a holiday dinner for in-laws and friends (9 this year), on Sunday we struck Hecuba and Dido and I fixed a spaghetti dinner for the cast and crew (12 this time). I know it's time to take off the superwoman cape because I have a sore throat! And just when you'd think that I could take a few days off, my brain starts to work again and I realize that I need to make around 20 more art pieces for my solo show at Asylum Gallery in January! Here is one piece I think is ready.... any comments?? The show is based on photographs I've taken of electrical transformers and old factories from New York to Washington DC and out here in Northern California. This is called "Now I Even Dream of Electric Transformers"

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thank God for Hillary

Finally a US politician has come out and taken a stand on the case of that Saudi teenager rape victim who was sentenced to 200 lashes... because she and some guy were abducted! Any guesses as to who this this was? It was Hillary.... and Goddess bless her! The wimpy weasel in the white house probably didn't even know about it. He's a moron. But I fear that Hillary might not get elected because it's not only Islamic men who fear women, it's those southern men who fear females as well. OK, not all southern men and there are some women who fear her too. But I wonder if Hillary would have the cojones to break diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia, unless they at least begin the process of giving women the same human rights that are afforded to men. If she would do that, then I'd vote for her!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Giving thanks

There was a recent article in the newspaper about how people who practiced gratitude were happier. I think that it's true because a positive outlook can really change my attitude. WHile there's always something in our lives that we would like to change, all you'd have to do is to compare your life as a woman with women who live in countries governed by Islamic theocracies! Maybe we don't make enough money or we're not thin or having problems with our love lives, but it's not against the law for a woman to drive a car! There is one woman in that bastion of male-centric culture, Saudi Arabia, who is fighting to get simple human rights for the women there - Wajiha Al-Huweidar. for more info check out this link:

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Come on, come see my show!

That's right... only 2 more weekends to come see the show and decide for yourself. If you're reading this and you haven't see it yet, try this link

Our artistic director Nick Avdienko has a future ahead of him as a video editor I think... he did a great job in editing the footage I shot last weekend. But the sound was off and I need to re-shoot on Friday.... come on by and say howdy.

New Show up at Asylum

We're exhibiting the winners of our National Juried Print Show this weekend. How I could have forgotten to mention it? Too much going on with both theatre company and gallery. Things have calmed down a bit now. The show is very interesting in that there's just about every kind of print-making on display! so have yourself an arty Saturday by going over to the gallery to see the show, then go out to dinner and come back to The Space to catch the play!

Atlanta to South Dakota to Marysville is a wide swath of the US and the art by the winners of the Asylum Gallery Juried Print Show is just as varied in technique as well as theme. You can see for yourself at the gallery located inside HQ, 1713 25th St. (25th & R Sts, behind the gray fence) in Midtown Sacramento. The show continues to December 22nd with a Second Saturday reception on December 8th from 6 to 9 pm. There are two Thursday evening receptions on December 13th and December 20th from 5:30 to 8 pm. Gallery hours are Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 4 pm or by appointment by calling 916-804-6095.

The winners are Dustyn Bork (Monroe, MI), Randy Clark (Brookings, SD), Dale Clifford (Atlanta, GA), Marcus Howell (Springfield, MO), David Nasater (Davis, CA), Deanna Peters (Reno, NV), Sharon Powers (Marysville, CA) and Roger Mark Walton (Savannah, GA). The work ranges from black & white photography to linocut/woodcut, intaglio and etching & aquatint. Three of the winners will be chosen at the November 10th reception to have a group show at Asylum in March 2008. Member artists Ann Tracy, Cherie Hacker, Linda Katzdorn, Terri Ramirez, William Obernesser and Marguerite Schaffron will also show new work.

Randy L. Clark was born in Salt Lake City, UT and now lives in Brookings, SD where he is a professor of graphic design at South Dakota State University. He has been making art ever since he could pick up a pencil and doesn’t remember not making art. He is active in church and community work. He received a solo show at University of Wisconsin-Madison; Union Memorial Gallery. Other selected group exhibitions include: 3rd place 2005 Print Show, Maryland Federation of Art, Baltimore MD; Museo de las Americas, Denver CO and the Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley CA.

Dale Clifford was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is currently a professor of foundation studies at the Savannah College of Art and Design. He joined the SCAD-Savannah faculty in 2002 and has been teaching at SCAD-Atlanta since January 2006. Clifford holds a BFA in printmaking from Miami University ,Oxford, Ohio and received an MFA in printmaking from Clemson University. From 1996-2002, Clifford was the chairperson and an assistant professor of visual communication at the American University in Dubai, located in the United Arab Emirates. Clifford’s prints and drawings have been exhibited in twelve countries in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

His work was featured in the Natural Selection show at Pinnacle Gallery, Savannah, GA. His other selected shows include: 9th Annual Juried Small Works, Attleboro Arts Museum, Attleboro, MA; 18th National Drawing and Print Competitive Exhibition, College of Notre Dame of Maryland and the 41st Annual National Drawing and Small Sculpture Show, Del Mar College, Corpus Christi, TX

Marcus Howell was born in Mexico Missouri and now teaches printmaking at Missouri State University in Springfield. He has been making art most of his life but only exhibiting professionally for the past 11 years. Howell’s work has been exhibited at University of Nebraska-Lincoln American University Cairo, Egypt (November 2005) Hayden Art Center Lincoln, Nebraska (2006). His other selected shows include: Marcus Howell and Robert McCann: Paintings, Prints and Drawings Missouri State University Art Gallery Springfield, MO (September 2005); Every Picture Tells a Story International Juried Show, Jurors: Olga Stefan, Executive Director of the Chicago Artist's Coalition Charles Gniech, Exhibition Curator, Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago Northbrook Public Library Northbrook, Illinois (October 2006) and Ana 35: National All-Media Exhibition, Juror: Willem Volkersz, Holter Museum of Art, Helena, Montana (June-August 2007)

David Nasater was born in Burbank, CA and now lives in Davis. This self-taught photographer’s real interest in Photography as Art started about 10 years ago and he’s really started “getting out there” in last couple of years. His work has won an honorable mention award at the Sacramento Fine Arts Center 7th Annual Photography Exhibit “2006 – A Photo Odyssey”– Juror: Lewis Kemper. His other selected shows include: Art League of Northern California 2nd Annual Photography Exhibit “It’s Photography II”– Juror: Richard Reisman – 3rd Place; Vacaville Art League 30th Annual Vacaville Juried Art Show – Jurors: Mark Perlman and Terry Miura – Best of Show and Joyce Gordon Gallery “Glimpses in Time: A Juried Photography Exhibition in Honor of Gordon Parks” – Juror: Stephen Wirtz.

Deanna Peters hails from Reno, NV. In addition to her work as an artist, she had an 18 year career as a high school teacher. Her designs have been published in various magazines including Family Circle and she has sold carved sculptures all over the West, especially the Black Hills of South Dakota. Her awards include First Place-Pastel Painting-Nevada Artist’s Association; Third Place-Watercolor-Nevada State Fair and Honorable Mention-Watercolor-River Gallery.

Sharon Powers was born in North Carolina and now lives in Marysville. She has a BA in English, (Writing Emphasis) from the University of California at Davis and a J.D. degree from the University of Northern California. She has studied art with Sara Sealander and photography with Rick Murai and Greg Kinder at Yuba College. She has won numerous awards and honorable mentions from the Sacramento Fine Arts Center Photography Competition and Exhibit and is a member of the Viewpoint Photographic Art Center.

Roger Mark Walton was born in Dayton, Ohio and now lives in Atlanta GA. With an a MFA in Painting from Brooklyn College in Brooklyn, New York and a BFA in Painting from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, he is currently a professor at Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah GA. Walton has received awards from The Elizabeth Greensheilds Foundation, The Ohio Arts Council and the Expanding Horizons Award at Wright State University. His work has been included in exhibitions at the Laguna Gloria Art Museum, Sherry French Gallery in New York City, the Erector Square Gallery in New Haven, the Carnegie Art Center, and the Georgetown National in Washington D.C. His artwork has been chosen for exhibitions by jurors such as Wolf Kahn, William Bailey, William Beckman, Neil Benezra, Peter Tatistcheff, and Ivan Karp.

Asylum Gallery is a contemporary gallery of artists whose work and experience span a unique circumference. Member artwork ranges from classic black & white to abstract photography, mixed media painting and traditional printmaking to work in the digital realm. While being a membership gallery, Asylum also offers exhibition space to other artists in the community with its annual International Mail Art shows (in which a portion of proceeds go to different charitable groups) and the Juried Holiday Print Shows in November and December.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Birthday

It's my brother Tom's birthday.... happy day to you!

It's Up and Running ....

The show is up and looking great. The actors and designers have worked very hard and it shows. We only got a so-so review from the local weekly, but the reviewer failed to see that Act 2 was supposed to be radically different from Act 1 - which it is. But alas, we had too much of a focus on sex in it for her tastes apparently. Actually I think we'd all be better off if there was more sex and less fighting, killing, maiming, raping and hurting. But I suppose I'm from another planet. And I must constantly remind the actors, a review is just one opinion. Many other folks really liked it at preview and opening night. Another thing she failed to mention was the great multi-culti cast we have. Out of 13 actors, I've got 6 of color! I really like it when I can work with this kind of a cast. It's good for the audiences to see it too. I'll post one of the photos next week. This week, it's BPP's big fundraising gala on Saturday....