Monday, February 1, 2016

More Wax

Here's the third of the five encaustic 4x4" mixed media pieces that I'm working on for CSArts Maine

It's really a great deal.  You get a new piece of art each month for 3 months for only $120!!  While you can't have this piece until you sign up, I also work on commissions if you wanted something larger or in different colors.

Here's another site on which I have work, please check it out and let me know what you think about it.  You can get FREE Worldwide Shipping + 20% Off Throw Blankets and Pillows when you order from my Society6 Store. Please note that this promotion is NOT automatically available on my Store, the promotion is only available once someone clicks on the link that you share with them.

That's all for today... carry on in all your awesomeness !!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


So, I told you already about being accepted into the CSArts project we have here in Portland, Maine?  No, well, it's like those farm CSAs...except you buy a 3 month or 6 month subscription and you get art instead of veggies!  I think it's a brilliant concept and was eager to learn about it and grateful to be included in the first season of it!  If you click here, you'll find all the details.

Really seems like a great deal to me, especially if you've always wanted to start collecting art.  This is an inexpensive way to start your collection with small pieces. 

So I'll bet your next question is, what are you making Ann?  When I first signed on, I was thinking of doing my digital collages, but the CSArts folks wanted me to make some encaustic paintings!  These are the first two:

They are members of the Geometry of Desire series.  The one on the right, "Vertices" has 24 carat gold leaf collaged into it.  The are small, 4" square.  So, unless you sign up for a CSArt subscription, these are unavailable to the public.  Unless you want to commission one from me, which is always a possibility!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Onward into the Future!

I'm a sorry excuse for a blogger since I haven't posted anything since mid-November, but you'll forgive me, right?   The day after Madeleines closed, JK & I jumped on a plane and flew out to Sacramento to visit friends and spend Thanksgiving with his sister, our niece and nephew and their families.  It was great fun to see how big all the kids have gotten plus we are making plans to see niece Renee and her daughter Hannah in NYC in April and I scored Hamilton tickets for us!

But that's then and this is now, but sometimes one leads to another like the fact that the following piece of art is my entry into the #TwitterArtExhibit (click here for more info).

Come to find out the show continues to April 26th, so we'll be able to see the work at Trygve Gallery while we're there.

It was good to have Christmas at home this year.  We had a great time hosting friends and neighbors for Christmas Day dinner....and next thing you know, it's a new year!

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Madeleines Opening Night Nov 19th

I suppose it all comes down to a big thank you to Margit and Al over at Snowlion Repertory Theatre Company and their PlayLab.  If they had not accepted me into the PlayLab (yes, you're juried in so to speak) when I first got to Portland, I might not be directing the world premiere of Madeleines by Bess Welden which opens this coming week!  It was their idea to have members of the lab write 10 min plays focusing on food that they would produce as the Maine Feast during Restaurant Week here in Portland Maine.  I was also lucky enough to be picked to direct Bess' play along with another one by Carolyn Gage.  They also had the smarts to cast Karen Ball and Julia Langham in the 10-minute version that we did back in March.  Karen, Julia and I fell in love with the play, and in talking with Bess, realized that it was just a bit of a bigger piece.

Julia Langham as Debra and Karen Ball as Jennifer.  Paintings behind them are by Molly Holmberg Brown, one of the Running with Scissors Artists and Mapmaker! 

After a reading of the bigger play and some conversation, we agreed to co-produce it ourselves, if Bess could get us a spot in the Studio Series at Portland Stage.  Everything fell into place and we present the work November 19th through the 22nd.  You can get more info by clicking HERE.

And of course I've had other irons in the fire as well with accepting a spot in the Berlin Photographic Biennial in August of 2016, preparing a piece for the Space Gallery Free for All Show.... AND getting ready for the Running with Scissors Holiday Pop Up Shop and Open Studios on December 12th! 

My plan for that pop up shop includes doing custom dog ornaments (or cats or bunnies) with a percentage going to the Animal Rescue League in Westbrook!  I asked one of my dog-loving FB buddies to send me a photo of her dog...and here's her ornament of her (obviously) good boy - Connor! 

If you would like one, email me (anntracy51 at and I will send you an invoice for a down payment.  I'm thinking of pricing these at $25 as it does take some time to make them (including processing in photoshop, printing, drying, applying to wooden disks and then painting backs and edges gold). 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Back to the Boards...

Even though I'm still working on several art and photography projects, it's back to theatre with the World Premiere of a new 1-act play by locally renowned playwright, director and actor, Bess Weldon - Madelines.  I was asked to direct a 15 minute snippet of the play (along with another 10-minute one by Caroline Gage) for a show called The Maine Dish, produced by SnowLion Repertory Theatre featuring 10-minute plays by members of their PlayLab.  We're producing the whole tamale this fall as part of the Portland Theatre Company's Studio Series running from Nov 18th to the 22nd.

But as you know, ticket sales only make up 25% of a production's budget, so we're raising money so we can give all the creative professionals involved with the project a small stipend.  You can help us by clicking here and donating a few bucks.  We're almost halfway to our goal now!!  Here is a photo of some of the video outtakes:

(left to right) Karen Ball plays Jenifer and Julia Langham plans Debra in Madeleines.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday's Muse

Today's creation will probably be printed on paper and matted for the Birthday Bash here at Running with Scissors, Oct 3rd, Saturday from noon to 6 pm.  At 7 pm, Port of Est will play for an hour.  Come by to see me as I'll have some super deals on prints. 

Was in NYC meeting up with our Sicilian friend Mimmo and will have photos up either here or over at the photo blog.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Showing this September

I'm an alum of the Continuing Studies program at Maine College of Art and made it into this juried show with the following piece.  Must thank you Kim Bernard for that wonderful Encaustic Workshop that lead me to printing cell phone photos on Japanese mulberry paper and then imbuing it with encaustic wax for a luminous, translucent effect!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Summertime and the Living is Getting More Complex

Even though I had intended to take the months of July and August off - guess what?  I'm booking up again.  I really can't bitch though as I've still got my exhibit of Cuba photos up the rest of the month at the Freeport Library.  On Sunday, I take down the Nada Dada Motel show at the Dock Fore, but no sales to show for it.  This means I have a complete package with all of the work that I should be pitching to some galleries in Reno!

Am working on a commissioned piece that's very large, comprised of some of the Cuba photos that are up at the library and a few others from my first show of Cuba photos back in 2014 at Constellation Gallery.

Had a very good production meeting this morning with Bess Weldon and Christine Sullivan about getting our PR / production / fundraising ducks in a row for a November production of #Madeleines for the Portland Stage Studio Series.  Audiences saw part of the play as part of the Maine Dish, produced by Snowlion Repertory Theatre's PlayLab this past April.  Audiences were so enthusiastic as were actors Karen Ball and Julia Langham and me, that we asked Bess about presenting the full piece.  The part seen at Maine Dish was only a small bit of a longer one-act play.  So Bess is polishing it up for you to see November 17th through the 19th at Portland Stage's Studio Theatre.  Here's a photo from the Maine Dish production.

Karen Ball & Julia Langham in Madeleines.  Photo by Ann Tracy

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Great Artist is Gone - Ale-ha Ha-sholom

I wish I had the chance to meet her, but while Miriam Shapiro was making art in California I was still working in dance & theatre on the East Coast, Colorado, Milwaukee and transitioning to radio news.

Dancing as Fast as I Can - Shapiro 1984
The image above is what I most remember about her work.  And after looking at this again and looking at some of my work around the studio, you can safely say that she was a great influence on me as an artist.

Didn't hear about it through mainstream media, but through one of my art blogs.  Here's MORE from Hyperallergic.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Newest Update

Remember that digital collage I was working on that included a portrait of Richard Prince and some of his work?  Well now it's morphing into a kind of physical object as well.  I've decided I'll print out the basic digital and then paste on the other images for one print only and will sell it (if anyone is interested) at $1,000.  Then I'll make digital prints of it and limit it to 25 copies as usual.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

NadaDada Motel in Portland Maine

Not exactly yet, but the work I created for Reno's NadaDada Motel arts festival is on view now at the Dock Fore tavern on Fore Street in Portland.  Got very lucky in the PR dept. with the local fish wrap - er... Press Herald, you folks know I'm joking right?

Here are the installation shots in the bar

If you didn't have a chance to come see it on 1st Friday, it will be up all month long down there.  And for the best art exhibit in June, I would give the award to Anita Holt pictured with her painting and sista artista Joni Fox-Campbell.

You can see in the smaller inset photo that Anita devised a backpack thing upon which to hang her painting, and continuing the skirt with real fabric?  Brilliant!

Monday, June 1, 2015

What's Good for the Goose....

Prince's New Clothes
Take a gander at's constructed of a photo of Richard Prince, along with an appropriated copy of one of his paintings.  Do you remember Prince?  He is the famous artist who has been working with appropriation for many years now and currently has a show of Instagram photos that he took from the web and then put his own name on.  They're at Gagosian Gallery in NYC. 

So, how about my appropriation of an appropriator?  According to this legal article by Nino Bastista, I probably have Fair Use on my side as I've done my digital alchemical magic on the images to create something new! 

And I'm going to go even further with it incorporating some mixed media and encaustic wax!  But this is after JK's sister and her hubby visit us.  They're coming out for about 5 days and we get to experience Maine like tourists again!  And of course I'll be making my (soon-to-be) famous lobsta risotto.